Shopping in Zurich

by cindy

Heck yes, shopping in Zurich is expensive. Apparently, when it comes to the cost of living, Switzerland is not neutral. They are pro-luxury and pro-chic! My fave finds in Zurich ranged from everyday needs to seriously sweet and fun souvenirs.


Navy Boot. Photo: Priscilla Pilon.

Downtown Zurich

Navy Boot was founded in 1991 as a men’s shoe store but has evolved to much more. They sell fashion-forward shoes, boots, and accessories for both men and women. Not your average rain boots come in a myriad of colors which are sure to brighten up the sometimes grey wintry days. I love their leather handbags and coordinating scarves, especially the cheery yellow ones that popped up this summer. There are several locations in Zurich. The one I visited was at Rämistrasse, 2.

Schlossberg. Photo: Priscilla Pilon.

Francesco Rossis has been creating adorable and functional tote bags since he earned his master’s diploma in tailoring in 1991. This summer’s colors included Hèrmes orange (of course) and lime green, but they also stocked some cool geometric patterns and textures which are all the rage in Europe right now. His signature style is minimalist but elegant. There are a few locations, but I loved the one at Torgasse 1.

Una Fashion is a wonderful glove (Handschuhe) boutique for men and women. A broad selection of warm and toasty gloves can be found in leather, wool, and cashmere. I adored their pink alligator pattern driving gloves. Torgasse 7.

Una Fashion Gloves. Photo: Priscilla Pilon.

Schlossberg Boutique sells luxurious bath towels, pajamas, and “lovies” for babies. I dare anyone to walk past this store without stopping in for a tactile rush of epic proportions! Their display window full of plush towels and precious stuffed animals attached to soft-looking blankets screams, “I’m soft, come in and touch me!” Strehlgasse 29.

Coccinelle Shop in the Zurich Airport. Photo: Priscilla Pilon.

Swiss pride is on sale at the beautiful craftsman shop Schweizer Heimatwerk – everything from hot new Karlen backpacks and shoulder bags made from recycled Army surplus gear to children’s solar powered toy cars are sold here. If you want to go totally native, a large selection of Swiss Army knives and cowbells are also available. Just remember airline regulations about what can and cannot go into carry-on luggage and pack accordingly. Uraniastrasse 1.

Foodies will go nuts, literally, at H. Schwarzenbach mercantile, in business for over 100 years and selling specialty dried fruits, organic nuts, sweet candies, exotic coffees, silky chocolate and exceptional wines. The store attracts both locals and tourists in droves. The old fashion vibe reminded me of simpler times and brought back some fond childhood memories. Is it possible to get nostalgic in a foreign store you’ve never actually been to? Well, I guess so. Münstergasse 19.

Zurich Airport

Last minute shoppers can find every Swiss watch brand known to man at the airport, but few bargains can be had here and besides, unless you live in Indiana, you can find the same brands back home at your local high-end shopping mall. Less likely to find back home in the U.S. are these brands/items:

Coccinelle, an Italian handbag and wallet brand of distinction, was loaded with the latest fashions at the Zurich Airport in a stand-alone store. The prices seemed to be the about the same as in town so delaying gratification by waiting until your departure means you’ll pack less on the way home. Although this brand can be found in many countries, presently no flagship stores are in the U.S.

Confiserie Sprüngli in the Zurich Airport. Photo: Priscilla Pilon.

*Note from the Author:

Why not spring for a private guide and tour Switzerland like the Swiss? My excellent guide, Annamaria Pàl-Müller Steinhalle, was totally sweet and patient while I snapped hundreds of photos and shopped to my heart’s content. Zurich Tourism


How to Plan Your Shopping Time in Zurich:


Where to Shop in Zurich:

Navy Boot—Marktgasse 18; +41 43 268 09 83;

Francesco Rossi—Torgasse 1; +41 44 252 10 90;

Una Fashion—Torgasse 7; +41 44 262 02 33;

Schlossberg Boutique—Strehlgasse 29; +41 44 221 31 04;

Schweizer HeimatwerkUraniastrasse 1; +41 44 222 19 55;

H. SchwarzenbachMünstergasse 17; +41 44 261 13 80;

Zurich Airport—Zürich-Flughafen; +41 43 816 22 11

Coccinelle—Airside Center;

Mammut—Airside Center, Lower Level 1; +41 43 818 98 20;

Confiserie Sprüngli—Airside Center, Level 1 & 2;

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