by cindy bogart

Priscilla Pilon is a photo travel journalist with a primary focus on luxury hotels, destinations, and experiences.

A true travel chameleon, she can find herself skiing in the French Alps one day and snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands the next. Priscilla travels the world but is an admitted Paris addict. She began her writing career sharing her 25-year love affair with Paris for her own popular and entertaining blog, The Weekend In Paris.

Personal trips to exotic destinations and time spent living and working in Europe have given her a unique perspective on luxury travel highly sought after by multiple publications.

An outstanding reputation for her travel writing is primarily due to the fact that Priscilla is naturally curious, adventurous, and insightful.

Priscilla’s priority is her reader. She states her truthful opinions and looks for the unique and unusual to recommend to them. Her writing style is such that readers look at her articles more as word of mouth advice from a “friend” than a strangers’ anonymous review. She cherishes the many comments and letters she receives from peers and readers on how grateful they were for recommendations, advice, and travel tips.

Those in the travel industry request Priscilla to cover their properties time and again due to her fresh approach, enthusiasm, and professionalism. She resonates with the upscale traveler because she is one in her personal life. She knows firsthand what luxury travelers are seeking, and more importantly the details of what makes a hotel or destination stand out.


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